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GOCYCLE Lock Holster Faltschloss GX/G4

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The Gocycle Fast Folding Lock Holster Kit provides easy and discreet storage of a lock on the...plus
Informations sur le produit "GOCYCLE Lock Holster Faltschloss GX/G4"
The Gocycle Fast Folding Lock Holster Kit provides easy and discreet storage of a lock on the inside of your fast-folding Gocycle’s Cleandrive.

Its bespoke design enables Gocycle GX, GXi, G4, G4i and G4i+ owners to fold / unfold their bike without the need to remove the lock holster kit each time.

The lock used is a folding Abus BORDO 6000 which is Sold Secure Bronze rated. It is compact in design with a 90cm circumference.

It features six 5mm hardened steel bars connected with special rivets, which fold together like a yardstick.

The 5 mm bars feature extra-soft two-component casing to prevent damage to the paintwork of your Gocycle.

The “Made in Germany” quality of the Abus BORDO 6000 Folding Lock has received international acclaim, for example from test institutes in Russia, Denmark and the United Kingdom.

Compatible with Gocycle GX, GXi, G4, G4i and G4i+ models only.
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