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Sattelstütze ungefedert TravelScoot

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Frage von Herr M*** , Datum: 25.11.2021

I bought this item 14010 for use with XXL seat 11547, but there is no locking mechanism to stop the seat rotating. This stem has a hole for a locking nut but the plate on the seat does not have a locking nut. Is there a way to fix this? At the moment I cannot use my Travelscoot as the seat cannot be secured. This steem does not seem to be suitable.

Antwort des Shopbetreibers

Dear Hugh, that is correct - the XXL seat plate does not have the screw locking by default but it was used that way for nearly 2 decades without problems by the users. If you close the clamp tightly on the stem the XXL seat should not turn. Otherwise if the clamp does not prevent enough from turning you may rough up bose sides of the part (that touch) or use a thin tape inlet to prevent from turning. If you want to make it like welded you can place a long 4 or 5M screw throgh the stem and stem mounting - best closed with a nut. Thats our recommendations so far we can imagine. Hope one works for you. Best regards - escooter.de  TravelScoot sales

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