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MOTOR Nabenmotor komplett TRAVELSCOOT

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Frage von Herr w*** , Datum: 25.03.2022

Can I purchase the hub motor to upgrade a travel scoot Deluxe with motor and the wiring and speed controls and brakes

Antwort des Shopbetreibers

Dear Daniel, the old belt driven TravelScoot is not suitable to place a hub motor in because the frame fork on the rear is not fitting to a hub motor and thus it is not possible. ...maby with alu welding, cutting etc. but that exceeds the effords.

With best regards   Bernd - escooter.de  TravelScoot sales 

Frage von Herr S*** , Datum: 20.02.2022

Is this the whole thing - motor and tyre ready to fit?

Antwort des Shopbetreibers

Dear Rob,

yes the complete hub motor for TravelScoot fits instant - just the axle screws and the connector. See on www.travelscoot.com at service videos how a motor can be exchanged.  Bernd TravelScoot sales

Frage von Anonym R*** , Datum: 09.06.2021

Que referencia pongo para que me suministren el controlador compatible junto con el pedido del motor?

Antwort des Shopbetreibers

Keine Antwort gesetzla unidad de control correspondiente para el motor de cubo de TravelScoot es el artículo número 12365 (unidad de control para el motor de cubo de TravelScoot).

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