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Customer partner & affiliate program

Any existing registrated customer with a minimum turnover of 300, - Euro can go easily for provisions.


Log in to your account and unlock the affiliate program. Hereby you also confirm that we may set a cookie which makes the affiliate program work and opens the feature for you instant in your login.

Advertise online or offline with your personal voucher code:

2.1 You can now advertise with your coupon code which can then be found in your account (point commissions). Customers can enter their coupon code when ordering under "Enter reference coupon code" next to the final order button and receive a "goodie"; and you 1% of the sales if the purchase exists; i.e. the buyer does not revoke during this time.

Reference customers listed at travelscoot.info even receive 2%.

The turnover is shown immediately on your account (in the point comissions under statistics) and converted after 21 days into credits which you may use for purchases anytime.

...or even easier - Online ADVERTISING via link:

via standard link: Communicate your standard link (to be found in your account under commissions) as mediation link on forums, platforms, social media, e-mail, etc. Anyone who comes to our shop via this link and purchases goods over 300, - Euro will be assigned to you and generates credit on your account - immediately traceable in your account under commissions / statistics. 

via a specific targeted product link: You can create direct targeted links to products in our shop. If you are logged in and call a product you will find on the top right the possibility to create a link to this product with your mediation reference (see button Partnerlink). Again, everyone who comes through this link on our shop and purchases goods over 300, - Euro generates on credit on your account - immediately traceable. The credit remains and gets valid after 21 if the purchase remains and is not returned within 14 days returnal period.

Go on and enjoy this innovative affiliate partner programm and earn a lot of credit for your next battery or whatever you intend to buy in the future!