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ABUS Multi Loop LOCK - ideal for the TRAVELSCOOT

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Good protection against casual thieves - 185cm length at 600 g with key 2 x. Variable adjustable... more
Product information "ABUS Multi Loop LOCK - ideal for the TRAVELSCOOT"

Good protection against casual thieves - 185cm length at 600 g with key 2 x. Variable adjustable 1 - 2 loop technique.

Versatile and flexible
When other locks are too short, too unwieldy or reach their limits, the flexible and versatile Multiloop 210 comes into play.

With a length of 185 centimetres, this special lock offers generous scope for securing your valuables. With the adapter integrated into the housing, you can easily convert the Multiloop 210 from a large loop to a two-loop cable. Folded up, it can be transported easily and space-savingly. The Multiloop 210 is the ideal addition to your existing shackle, slope or frame lock. The ten millimetre thick steel cable can be used to secure bulky and several objects simultaneously against theft thanks to the variably adjustable loops.

The lock can also be used to secure camping or garden furniture, surfboards, ladders etc. at home and on the move. The plastic sheathing of the steel cable protects surfaces from damage to paintwork and scratches during connection and transport. By the way, the ABUS key service is offered for the Multiloop 210. This allows you to easily re-order replacement keys.

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"Is it possible to buy an extra battery for travelscoot delux junior , the one you can take on airplanes?"

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"Dear Ahuja, yes of course, we have two variations - one is 151,2 Wh (Watthours) and for about 9 mls range with article number 12359 or the 274 Wh battery for 15 mls range (article number 12359 - just place the articlenumber in the search field). With best regards - TravelScoot sales - www.travelscootshop.com"

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