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Lead Acid Battery TRAVELSCOOT

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Extra- lead acid sparebattery for TravelScoot incl bat and wiring with plug with 288 Wh 24V... more
Product information "Lead Acid Battery TRAVELSCOOT"

Extra- lead acid sparebattery for TravelScoot incl bat and wiring with plug with 288 Wh 24V 12Ah. About 9 Kg. You need to have a TravelScoot leadacid batterycharger like article 12273 ! Allowed for air plane transportation - non dangerous good / dry battery.

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Schwarzer Stecker

Question from Herr A*** , Date: 04.02.2020

"Hello, I'd like to know the approximate range in km of the Lead Acid Battery TRAVELSCOOT which is on your website . Thank you Patrick"

Answer from the shopowner

"Dear Patrick, the new Pb battery pack will have a 10-15 Kilometer range but the lead acid batteries range decreases after some month or latest 1-2 years percetible. That is different with lithium batteries where just about 5-10% decrease within a year is normal even if daily used. escooter.de"

Schwarzer Stecker

Question from H*** , Date: 11.02.2020

"Fällt der Versand des Bleiakkus innerhalb Deutschlands unter die Rubrik "Gefahrgut"? Der Akku kostet 160,- €. Wieviel, inklusive Versand, ist definitiv zu bezahlen?"

Answer from the shopowner

"Hallo Harry, Bleivliesakkus sind kein Gefahrgut und können ganz nomal verschickt werden; lediglich die Kontakte müssen vor Kurzschlüssen geschützt sein. Der Versand innerhalb Deutschland kostet aktuell Euro 12,- inkl. MwSt. "

Schwarzer Stecker

Question from Anonym Anonym , Date: 26.09.2020

"The little black plastic piece that plugs the battery wires to the motor has broken on my scooter. I am in Corfu, Greece and no one seems to have the piece. Can you send me a replacement?"

Answer from the shopowner

"Dear Alex, yes - please order the part number 12305 (put the number in the search field) that you find even with the link: Link to AMP plug Best regards TravelScoot sales"

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