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TravelScoot Set Shopping Cruiser 151 Wh

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... a little less? ... a little slower? By reducing the motor power to 100 watts and... more
Product information "TravelScoot Set Shopping Cruiser 151 Wh"

... a little less? ... a little slower?

By reducing the motor power to 100 watts and by reducing the size of the wheels to 6", we were able to reduce the already low weight of the TravelScoot Escape by another proud ~ 4 kg to a total of ~ 12 kg. The even lower speed of 4 km/h allows a safe use of the electric scooter even in busy pedestrian zones and shopping centres etc.. Due to the reduced speed, the 151.2 Wh (here in the set) battery is usually sufficient to cover the daily needs.

The Travelscoot frame Shopping Cruiser comes now with low entry and extremely compact dimensions of 72 x 53 x 27 cm when folded with an unbelievably light 8.x kg frame weight (frame with handlebars, motor, brakes, rear wheels, steering column, etc.) with a powerful N-cell battery and with powerful hub motor, reverse modes and band brake, seat with seat tube and seat plate (1.3 kg) with backrest and backrest cushion (0.5 kg) on U-bracket (0.4 kg), detachable footrests with walking stick quiver. Footrests at 13.5 cm height (footrests can be moved forward via accessory extended footrests). Handlebar width 41 cm, ground clearance lowest point 4 cm. Height-adjustable handlebar. Height-adjustable seat, seat can be shifted forwards and backwards with accessories (U-bracket variants) for small and tall people. Here in a set with 151 Wh Lithium Ion battery (1.4 Kg) and charger; storage triangle & carrying bag. Total weight ~ 12 kg.

Functional differences to the TravelScoot Escape:

The TravelScoot Shopping Cruiser is not suitable for off-road excursions and unpaved soft surfaces & paths or grass etc. but requires a solid surface (tarred paths, maintained paved gravel paths and paved paths can be used but not sand paths and unpaved game paths etc.).

The noise of the double-reduction engine is undeniable, but it is also an indication to passers-by that a vehicle is nearby. In order to achieve a high torque at this low speed, the engine gearbox must be specially reduced and this gear reduction unfortunately produces an audible rushing gear noise.

Conclusion: If weight is prioritised, this mobility aid is unique and generally enables the user to lift the scooter easily over obstacles and to handle it easily when loading and unloading it from and into the car several times a day.

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