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Lithiumakku TRAVELSCOOT 151,2 Wh Compact

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Special for air traveling made when the airline does not follow the IATA rules for mobility aids... more
Product information "Lithiumakku TRAVELSCOOT 151,2 Wh Compact"

Special for air traveling made when the airline does not follow the IATA rules for mobility aids we have a 151.2 Wh lithium battery with UN test to stay mobile anyway. An TravelScoot lithium battery charger is neccessary to charge this battery. If you have the old red plug system (scooters produced before year 2013) please order the adapter additional.

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Answered questions

Question from C*** , Date: 02.10.2019

"Hi, I rang you earlier today regarding the price including shipment for the 151 kWh lithium battery and a lithium battery charger for a travelscoot. You also told me that you have a second hand travelscoot deluxe for sale, please can you send me the price for this as well, including scooter specification, shipping and guarantee details. Regards, Kevin"

Answer from the shopowner

"Dear Kevin, you find all prices at www.travelscootshop.com and even spare parts are listed there. The prices are with VAT listetd - you may go for VAT Exempt as a UK citizen. You aked about the second hand TravelScoot we offer - I can offer this for 1550,- without VAT plus shipping incl. a 151,2 Wh battery. On new products the warranty period is 2 years and on used ones 1. Batteries have 6 month new and used we give just 2. With best regards Bernd "

Question from Herr Anonym , Date: 25.04.2020

"Hallo, ist ein solcher Artikel auch "Gebraucht" bestellbar? Dank & Gruß! J. P."

Answer from the shopowner

"Hallo Hr. P., wir handeln nur sehr selten mit gebrauchten Akkus - aktuell wäre ein gebrauchter 151,2 Wh lagernd für Euro 350,- MfG escooter.de Travelscoot sales"

Question from Frau T*** , Date: 26.08.2020

"What is the range of Travelscoot 151.2. Would I use the ordinary charger? I love my Travelscoot when are you going to add a baby carrier? I'm about to be a granny!"

Answer from the shopowner

"Dear Nicola, the 151 Wh battery is good for about 13 kilometers or 8 miles and the TravelScoot lithium battery charger charges all 3 variations of original lithium batteries (151,2 and 274 and 420 Wh). Congratulation of becoming a granny! Maby you can convert the 2 in 1 trailer to a baby carrier like Hardy the inventor of the TravelScoot did in the video - see link: thats improvisation I guess. Sincerely Bernd TravelScoot sales"

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