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Lithiumbattery TRAVELSCOOT 420 Wh

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Lightweight 2,3 Kg battery sized 30 x 10,5 x 4,7 cm - up to 3 pcs on one scooter adjustable!... more
Product information "Lithiumbattery TRAVELSCOOT 420 Wh"

Lightweight 2,3 Kg battery sized 30 x 10,5 x 4,7 cm - up to 3 pcs on one scooter adjustable! Only chargeable with the special lithiumbatterycharger. You need to have a suitable TRAVELSCOOT lithiumcharger! (This size is not for air traveling allowed due to the energysize of > 300 Wh - use the smaller lithiumbatteries for this purpose). Range with this battery is up to 30 Kilometers or 20 mls.

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Answered questions

Question from Herr b*** , Date: 23.06.2020

"What voltage and ampage is the travelscoot battery thanks m brewer"

Answer from the shopowner

"Dear Mark B., the TravelScoot works with 25,2 V and max. 30A. With regards Bernd / escooter.de TravelScoot sales"

Question from Anonym B*** , Date: 30.10.2020

"I'm needing to buy a new battery for my present scooter. Is the special charger (Article 10814) the one that you have always used?."

Answer from the shopowner

"Dear Jed, yes, the TravelScoot lithium charger with article number 10814 is the one that was used from the beginning of TravelScoot lithium batteries until now. If fits to all distributed orignial TravelScoot lithium batteries. Sincerely - Bernd - TravelScoot sales."

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