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About us



escooter.de was founded 1998.

The great feedback of pioneer customers exploit the tailwind for Bernd Koschier to go ahead and build up a brand new business model to promote light electric vehicles.

At this point, escooter.de was the only place in Europe that offered a wide range of zero air pollution compact scooters.

This gave escooter.de the momentum to be a equity financed company.

In the beginning of the new millenium, escooter.de was able to improve the network and build up reliant well working relationships with partners and customers.

This network and a massive online presence enabled escooter.de to edit and widen the market with excellence and get full rewards for this pioneer work.

With the upcoming electric bike boom - the market even got more lively and escooter.de even there was ahead with its market know-how and work force communicating it with efahrrad.de.

15 years later, escooter.de is a well known central for electric vehicles that offers exclusive and common products to the audience and is appreciated for its support and reliability.

2014 we were selected to be the EU central distribution point for the TravelScoot; a product that is unique and gets amazing positive feedback all over the world from thousand of customers!

2015 we will improve our online performance and business processes to the maximum - using the obtained time to maximize support and communication.

"electrify your mobility!"

Bernd Koschier



You will find us @ the escooter.de Shop in Munich Mo. - Fr. opened 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.


degree of latitude 48.12911 degree of longitude 11.5347

Inpucolumn in Openstreetmap or GoogleMaps: loc: 48.12911,11.5347

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