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YAMAHA® Sea Wing Charger Ladegerät

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16,8V 3.6A output Ladegerät DSS65-1684000 mit Aufnahme Akku mehr
Produktinformationen "YAMAHA® Sea Wing Charger Ladegerät"
16,8V 3.6A output Ladegerät DSS65-1684000 mit Aufnahme Akku
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Frage von Frau Anonym , Datum: 12.02.2021

"Dear mister I want to buy a charger for my Yamaha SeaWing II . Can you tell me when this charger could be available . I am Capt on a yacht in Ibiza Spain Regards "

Antwort des Shopbetreibers

"Dear Capitain, we get new charger this week - you are welcome to order it and we gonna dispatch by end of this week. With best regards - www.divescooter.com - escooter.de "

Frage von Herr Anonym , Datum: 30.07.2021

"Hello, Is this charger suitable for both YAMAHA Seawing I & II?"

Antwort des Shopbetreibers

"Dear, we never sold the Yamaha SeaWing I - I don´t think that it will fit since the pictures I found on the web are rather different concerning the batteries - It looks more like the Genneino Trident battery - maby this is the one? I will do an inquiry nevertheless. Bernd from escooter.de divescooter.com"

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